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Bark for Life

I spent last Saturday at the Spencer Dog Park photographing puppies to raise money for the American Cancer Society Bark for Life event.  This was the first annual event in Sioux Falls, and we had a great turn out!  I even talked my hubby into bringing our children and dogs down!  He obliged, and then proceeded to try to drag two small children, one yippy dog, and one 70 lb dog around with the help of his cousin.  It wasn’t pretty folks. :)  Noah finally settled in with me and helped me photograph the puppies, hanging right by my side and occasionally sticking his fingers in front of the lens.  LOVE HIM!  Dogs truly are like toddlers, and instead of playing peek-a-boo and jumping around, I found myself barking and woofing to keep their attention.  Nice.  I’m sure I looked very professional!  I had a great time, met TONS of great people, and hope to be able to help out again next year!


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