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My family {sneak peek}

Well, we did our family pictures for Christmas cards last week (yes, it is Christmas card time already!!).  Let me just tell you that my husband is probably the least enthusiastic person EVER.  And it probably didn’t help that the kids were cranky, it was cold, and it took me literally 10 minutes to figure out the timer on my new(ish) camera.  He waited in the car.  Noah was NOT into being photographed, and simply wanted to help me and carry the tripod all over creation, which was actually adorable, but slightly annoying when I just wanted him to go sit with daddy… you know how it is with toddlers!  All in all I think it was a success, and it’s going to have to work because I don’t think that I am going to get Mike to do it again anytime soon… he claims it was one of his worst 5 days ever… Mr. Dramatic…  I threw in 1 of our family pictures to give you an example of what happens when you have to run back in forth in a field and try to get both children and your husband to look at the camera within 10 seconds… NOT EASY!!


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