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Valentine’s day mini-sessions!

I’m excited to be offering my first day of mini-sessions February 6 from 10am-4pm at my studio!  For only $100 you can get a half-hour session with an 8×10 print, 2 5×7 prints, your choice of 25 4×5.5 cards or 3 accordian minis, 10-20 images in an online proofing gallery, and 1 image on CD with reproduction rights.  I have a variety of “Valentine’s Day” props and ideas, or if you prefer this is a great opportunity to get some great “traditional” photographs at a greatly reduced rate!  Call me at 605-261-3030 or send me an email at eggebraaten11@hotmail.com to reserve your time!


Sweet Monroe {sneak peek}

In addition to making babies cry, I can also be known as the photographer who babies don’t sleep for…  but it’s all good!  Monroe (LOVE the name!!) was a doll, and let us play with her without getting too upset.  I absolutely love photographing babies, and Monroe was no exception!  I photographed her older sister Finley this past summer, and I am so excited to watch these girls grow together!  I can see some similarities between the two of them already, and I can’t wait to get them together – these girls have the most beautiful big eyes!

I’ve gotten a couple of things checked of off my long list of “to-do’s” before I head off to Nashville, and now I’m off to unpack and repack! 


And I’m off!

In only 5 days, 6 hours and 17 minutes, I will be attending Imaging USA in Nashville, where I am going to learn how to become a photographic rockstar (not like I’m not already, right ? :)  I will be attending 3 days of intense classes learning the latest and greatest techniques to photograph newborns, children, seniors, and weddings.  I am SO. EXCITED. 

And did I mention that I have 5 days without my children?  I will certainly miss them, but it will be glorious to sleep uninterrupted for 4 nights, especially after staying with them in a VERY small condo for 2 weeks…  but I am not complaining about my vacation! 

We are on our way home to the REALLY frozen tundra tomorrow, and then I have a newborn session and some business to wrap up before heading to Nashville.  I’m hoping to get some pictures up before I leave, so be sure to check back!

2009 {a year in review}

What a first year it has been!  I had hopes and dreams of what could be, but I never expected it, and yet… my dreams are coming true!  I have met the most amazing people, had experiences I could have never dreamed, and have so many hopes for the future.  Words cannot express my gratitude for my friends and family, and for my amazing clients for making this year unforgettable. 

This business started as a wish long, long ago, and I finally took the plunge and went for it.  I can remember talking with a dear friend about my fears of starting my own business.  And I remember her response.  “What if it doesn’t work out?  What is the worst that can happen?  It simply doesn’t work out.  But what if it does?”  Those words gave me the courage to go out on a limb, expose my own insecurities, and find myself through my work.  I am so grateful for that conversation, and for the many that have followed, giving me the courage to go on when I feel like giving up, to remind me of what I have accomplished in these 6 short months. 

I have put together a slideshow of my sessions this past year – click the year in review below to view… the song is fitting of my emotions.  I feel like a broken record here…  but I truly cannot say with words what it has meant for me to be able to do this.  It is humbling to see your dreams come to fruition.  God has blessed me beyond belief, and I give Him all the glory!  Thank you all!

2009 year in review

Baby Claire {sneak peek}

Oh, how I love newborns!  Even the ones that cry, scream, eat… cry, scream, eat some more, cry… you get the idea!  Claire finally conked out at the very end of her session, allowing us to get some nice snuggly shots too.   Claire had the cutest dimples that really showed when she cried – SO CUTE!!  Daddy was great at getting Claire to calm down… it always melts my heart to see dads with their little girls!  I had such a great time photographing Claire!