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New product arrivals

Ok, I seriously need to have etsy removed from my computer.  Blocked.  Taken away.  It has become an addiction, and I NEED A NEWBORN to photograph to justify to my husband everything I have purchased.  It’s getting out of control!  Hats, beanies, headbands… I DON’T NEED ANYMORE!!  But there are sooo many cute ones out there!  Anyways, I wanted to post a few images of new products that are available…  the first is the image proof box, which holds up to 200 photographs and comes with a custom image around the outside of the box.  5×5 albums are now available too, and make a great gift to parents and grandparents!  I had a couple of great sessions today, and hope to get a sneak peek up shortly!

FYI – I caved and went to GACC.  SO.  DELICIOUS. 


Boudoir session {sneak peek}

Jeni is such a brave woman!  Not only for braving my first boudoir session, but also for being willing to let me share a couple of her favorite images!  Jeni is a big Marilyn Monroe fan, so we summoned a little vintage feel and went after it!  I had a blast, and I think Jeni did too, and for my first session, I don’t think we did too shabby!  Thanks Jeni for allowing me to “practice” with you, and for having the guts to go for it!  Ladies, there is still time if you want to schedule a boudoir session for V-day for your man!  Trust me, he will love it!


Little man Cooper {mini-session}

I was so excited to photograph Cooper for my mini-session special!  I photographed Cooper as a newborn, and now at 4 months, he is full of life, smiling, and laughing.  This is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen, and I had so much fun talking with him and capturing his many expressions.  My personal favorite is the one with one eyebrow up… Mr. Serious!  Stay tuned for more upcoming specials and giveaways in the next couple of months.  I have something special planned for my anniversary in May, which will be here before you know it {this is what I keep telling myself to get me through the FREEZING weather we have been having…}.


My favorite Chloe {sneak peek}

I LOVE MY JOB!!!  It is just so much fun to get to know the families I photograph, and to see their children grow.  Lindsey and I were saying that the first time we met Chloe was only 5 weeks old, and we just finished up her 6-month session… time flies!  Chloe was an absolute joy to photograph – 6 months is one of my favorite ages… babies can usually sit, but aren’t mobile enough to go anywhere, so it’s relatively easy to get some great images.  If you remember Chloe’s last session, she had the tutu in her mouth the entire time, and this session was no different!  Lindsey spent quite a bit of time trying to get her to keep the tutus out of her mouth, but I think some of the ones with her eating the tutu are the cutest!  I recently built a new tile backdrop, and was so excited to use it for the first time with Chloe… she’s here so often I feel like she is my little guinea pig!  We had a great time, and now that I’m finally figuring out photoshop, things are going much better! :)


Dear Great American Cookie Company {update}

I win, muffin top!  Take that Great American Cookie Company! 

My great plan for the day was to run a couple of errands and then return some pants {that were too small, by the way} to the mall… and you know, since I was there, maybe make a stop by the GACC for a little treat. :)  Well, my plan was not to be.  Someone up above was looking down today and intervened.  When picking up my children from my mother’s house, I locked my keys in my car.  Awesome.  Called my husband, who would normally be able to leave work and rescue me with a spare key.  Not today!  He was on his was to deliver fitness equipment 45 minutes from our home.  Awesome.  Called my brother-in-law, who manages a car store.  He sent reinforcements to jimmy the door open.  No such luck.  Yep, awesome… 

By the time we got the door open, it was nap time and I was exhausted, so we skipped the mall and came home.  Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow…:)