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Claire 6 months {sneak peek} | Sioux Falls child photographer

Oh sweet Claire!  Her gorgeous blue eyes and smile get me every time!  She is just a natural in front of the camera already!!  We got through a ton of different set-ups with her, and I can’t wait to get her back in the studio for her 9 month portraits!


August 15, 2011 - 2:27 am

Amber Schafersman - Zoey has my vote

November 25, 2011 - 5:21 pm

m - precious images : )

Lila {sneak peek} | Sioux Falls newborn photographer

Lila was such a GREAT sleeper at our session once she was out, and performed like a champ through LOTS of set-ups!  She had the cutest little tongue that stuck out the ENTIRE session, and that’s just her!  We had a funny moment where you could tell she was working on a poop, and Erin said sometimes she lifts her legs to poop… sure enough, up they went and she did her business, and as soon as she finished the legs slowly came back down.  It was hilarious!  I deal with a lot of poop/pee/spit up during the newborn sessions, and I have come to a point where I can just laugh about the mess and move on.  LOVE me some newborns!!


Monroe 1 year {sneak peek} | Sioux Falls child photographer

I have been shooting Monroe and her big sister pretty much since I opened my business!  I LOVE getting to know my clients and watch their families grow.  I was just talking with Monroe’s mom the other day about what a little “spirited” child she has become, which was such a change from her session this fall!  I can’t wait to see the whole family again in the fall for family portraits!


April 6, 2011 - 8:55 pm

Tricia Miller - I haven’t been on our blog in ages and popped on today and was pleasantly surprised to see my little munchkin! I got frames today and just love these pics! glad we captured her innocence while it was here :) Thanks Emily for being so great at what you do and for being such a great person!!

August 9, 2011 - 5:15 pm

Jeff Ducheneaux - I completed steps 1 and 2 and voted for Claire

Q & B lifestyle session {sneak peek} | Sioux Falls child and family photographer

This was SUCH a fun session for me, and something that I don’t usually get the chance to do!  Sarah asked me to come to their home to capture the boys just playing and interacting in their normal environment, and just being boys.  I was able to photograph the family after Braxton’s birth, so to come to get to know them better in their home was such a blessing!  Quinton LOVED showing me his train table and basketball hoop in his playroom, and Braxton was pretty content just about anywhere, as long as he wasn’t on his tummy.  I even got a karaoke serenade from Quinton and Rob!  If you would like more information on an on-location or lifestyle session, contact me!


Sophie 1 year {sneak peek} | Sioux Falls child photographer

Well, obviously I’m REALLY behind on blogging {again…}.  I’m actually all caught up on my editing, so I’m hoping to blog some of my recent sessions this week before the whirlwind begins again!  I’m SO looking forward to the spring and warmer weather, and I can’t wait to start shooting outside again!  Sophie came in a few months ago for her 1 year session with a cake smash, and we had a great time!  She was a typical 1-year old and wasn’t having much of sitting still, so we stuck her in a few cute props and got what we needed!