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Miles & Emery {Sioux Falls Twin Newborn Photographer}

OH. MY. WORD.  There are just no words.  These two were so amazing during our session!!  Twins obviously take a newborn session to a completely new level, and you never really know if you will get much of them together, but these two were perfect!  Miles had a bit of a dramatic streak, which is a bit unusual… usually it’s the girls that have a little more “spirit” and drama.  Mom said it’s the same way at home too – it will be interesting to see if that continues as their personalities develop.  Enjoy!

Lila turns ONE! {Sioux Falls Child Photographer}

Lila has been coming to the studio throughout her first year, and we recently celebrated her first birthday in grand style!  It is always a little bittersweet for me to see my first year plan babies turn one… I truly enjoy seeing them every couple of months and watching them as they grow.  Lila has always been a tough one to get to smile, but once she warms up and mom gets a little crazy behind me we are good to go!  Sessions like these make me wish I had a video camera taping the parents… what we do to make them smile and giggle!!

Paislley {Sioux Falls newborn photographer}

Ohhh baby Paislley!!!  She was soooo good to me!  I have had so many babies in the studio in the last couple of weeks – seriously my FAVORITE!!  I literally had to force myself to stop photographing her after about 3 hours – we got through so many set-ups!  Thanks to mom and dad for making the trip to Sioux Falls!