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Wyatt {Sioux Falls child photographer}

Wyatt was a WHIRLWIND!!!!  This little man has been walking since 9 months, and moved like I have never seen a one-year old move.  HOLY CATS he was fast!  We managed to get him contained for about 20 seconds at a time, but it was enough time for me to snap a couple of shots.  He had such an engaging personality and was so fun to photograph!

Brynlie {Sioux Falls child photographer}

Brynlie has been coming to the studio since her first birthday, and every time I see her I just die over her cute, chubby cheeks.  She was a typical 2 year old during her session… wanting to do anything but sit where I wanted her to.  We heard a lot of “Brynlie do it.”  She loved to pick out a chair to use, walk over to it, say “cheese” at the chair, walk away and start all over again.  We ended the session in my backyard, where we got some GREAT smiles.  I had a blast photographing her again!

Finley turns ONE! {sioux falls child photographer}

Finley came back to the studio for her first birthday… it’s always a little bittersweet.  I have photographed her four times during her first year, and it is so much fun for me to watch the little ones grow.  I always look forward to Finley’s sessions, and this past one was no exception.  Finley is just a smiley, happy girl, and her little smiles and expressions made my heart smile!  Her mom brought Finley’s great-grandmother’s dress and rocking chair, which was such a neat, sentimental prop.