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Rocky {sioux falls pet photographer}

Now that Christmas is over I can finally post some of my favorite fall sessions!  It’s been a while since I’ve had a pet session, and this one was a BLAST!  It was just a wee bit chilly out, but Rocky didn’t seem to mind a bit… just us humans!  He was so funny… all I had to say was “want to go for a walk?” and his ears would perk right up and his head would tilt… perfection!

Oliver {sioux falls newborn photographer}

Oliver gave me a run for my money at the beginning of the session, but once he finally settled in he was OUT.  He gave us so many sweet smiles!  Oliver was a big boy, at over 9 lbs at birth, and I just adored his squishy rolls.  His momma is a huge fan of antiques, and requested the set-up with the trunk… I think we could be besties.  :)

Brigham {sioux falls baby photographer}

Brigham was such a sweet boy at his 1 year session.  He had so many fun expressions and LOVED to push the trunks around the studio… we had to do some serious containment to keep him in one place!  I offer a cake smash at all one year sessions, and every once in a while I get lucky and get to eat a little of the cake myself.  That didn’t happen this time;).  Brigham LOVED his cake!


Nicholas & Hannah {sioux falls twin newborn photographer}

My first session of 2012 was AMAZING with twins Nicholas and Hannah.  They were both soooo sweet and easy to work with.  Nicholas was almost a full pound bigger than Hannah, and after starting with him, she looked just tiny!!  One of the only times I heard a peep out of either of them was when Hannah was laying on top of Nicholas… we discovered that she had peed on him.  ;)  He’ll get her back someday, I’m sure!  Big sister Evelyn came at the end of the session for a sweet sibling image, and she did GREAT after a lot of bribing with 2 pieces of candy (one for each baby!).

Nielsen kids {sioux falls child photographer}

These two kiddos have such a special place in my heart.  I have been photographing the Nielsen kids for as long as I have been in business, and it is so fun to watch the kids and family grow.  The Nielsen family came to Sioux Falls last fall for a session both at the studio and outdoors, and as you can see, these kiddos had a blast!