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Ivy {sioux falls pet photographer}

It’s been a while since I’ve had a puppy in the studio!  My wonderful assistant has been introduced into the mommy world of puppies, and although Ivy is CUTE, she is sick of getting up at 3am.  I told her it’s just the beginning of never sleeping again;).  Ivy was 11 weeks old when she came in, and we had quite the time getting her to sit still… kind of like an 18 month old!  I officially have puppy fever!!

Phrommany family {downtown sioux falls family photographer}

This family session from last fall was FABULOUS!!  We started in downtown Sioux Falls and then headed to a nearby park to capture some of the great fall colors.   Layton had just turned one a few weeks before the session and had just learned to walk, and walk he did!!  These two kids were wonderful to work with, and we had an awesome time dancing, laughing and playing together!

Maddex {sioux falls newborn photographer}

This session was SO special to me.  About 2 1/2 years ago I was called to a NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep) session for a family who had lost their baby at 24 weeks. They had lost what they thought was their only chance at their own biological child.  After adopting several children and struggling to get pregnant, they finally had success with IVF.  Baby Champ didn’t survive.  Their NILDMTS session is one that I will never forget… the love and loss in that room was palpable.  Miracles happen, and here we have baby Maddex, born only a week early!  Maddex was almost 5 weeks when he came in for portraits, and I feel SO lucky to be part of the full circle in this family’s life.  THIS is why I am a photographer – to capture moments that are absolutely priceless (and that baseball image was… man, he made us WORK for that one!).

Chase {sioux falls newborn photographer}

Chase is another miracle baby!  I was so excited to hear of his arrival shortly after his birth.  A day or so later he was admitted into the NICU with breathing trouble, and then transferred to Minneapolis with a chest tube and his parents not knowing if he would survive.  I cannot imagine the terror of watching your child struggle to breath, and not being able to be with them at every moment.  He made it home a week or so later and came in for his portraits, which were so much more special and meaningful given his rocky start. He had the most squeezable cheeks I think I have ever seen, and I can’t wait to photograph him throughout his first year!!

Alayna {sioux falls newborn photographer}

I always get just a little nervous when I get a 4-6 week old in the studio for a newborn session because you never know how well they will sleep, but Alayna performed like a CHAMP!  I barely heard a peep out of her at 5 weeks old!  I got some adorable smiles out of her and just loved her chubby rolls.  Her mom brought in the adorable hat and necklace, and I seriously eeeped out loud when we got her set in that pose.  SO. CUTE.