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Before & After | Sioux Falls newborn and child photographer

Before I started my business as a professional photographer, I really had NO IDEA what went into the behind-the-scenes work that it takes to produce a finished image.  Once I discovered that most images weren’t just developed SOOC {straight out of the camera} I had two feelings:  1} Excitement:  I could also learn to process my images and make them look fantastic.  2}  BUMMER:  LOTS of time can be spent on the computer after the session editing and retouching.  I wanted to give a little visual example of several images both before {SOOC} and after post-processing.  After a session images are imported from the camera, sorted, white balance checked, exposure corrected if needed, and a few other actions run before you see anything… this is why it takes a while before you are able to view your images, and this is why professional images cost a bit more than just developing them at Walmart! :)


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