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New product arrivals

Ok, I seriously need to have etsy removed from my computer.  Blocked.  Taken away.  It has become an addiction, and I NEED A NEWBORN to photograph to justify to my husband everything I have purchased.  It’s getting out of control!  Hats, beanies, headbands… I DON’T NEED ANYMORE!!  But there are sooo many cute ones out there!  Anyways, I wanted to post a few images of new products that are available…  the first is the image proof box, which holds up to 200 photographs and comes with a custom image around the outside of the box.  5×5 albums are now available too, and make a great gift to parents and grandparents!  I had a couple of great sessions today, and hope to get a sneak peek up shortly!

FYI – I caved and went to GACC.  SO.  DELICIOUS. 


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