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My favorite Chloe {sneak peek}

I LOVE MY JOB!!!  It is just so much fun to get to know the families I photograph, and to see their children grow.  Lindsey and I were saying that the first time we met Chloe was only 5 weeks old, and we just finished up her 6-month session… time flies!  Chloe was an absolute joy to photograph – 6 months is one of my favorite ages… babies can usually sit, but aren’t mobile enough to go anywhere, so it’s relatively easy to get some great images.  If you remember Chloe’s last session, she had the tutu in her mouth the entire time, and this session was no different!  Lindsey spent quite a bit of time trying to get her to keep the tutus out of her mouth, but I think some of the ones with her eating the tutu are the cutest!  I recently built a new tile backdrop, and was so excited to use it for the first time with Chloe… she’s here so often I feel like she is my little guinea pig!  We had a great time, and now that I’m finally figuring out photoshop, things are going much better! :)


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