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Dear Great American Cookie Company {update}

I win, muffin top!  Take that Great American Cookie Company! 

My great plan for the day was to run a couple of errands and then return some pants {that were too small, by the way} to the mall… and you know, since I was there, maybe make a stop by the GACC for a little treat. :)  Well, my plan was not to be.  Someone up above was looking down today and intervened.  When picking up my children from my mother’s house, I locked my keys in my car.  Awesome.  Called my husband, who would normally be able to leave work and rescue me with a spare key.  Not today!  He was on his was to deliver fitness equipment 45 minutes from our home.  Awesome.  Called my brother-in-law, who manages a car store.  He sent reinforcements to jimmy the door open.  No such luck.  Yep, awesome… 

By the time we got the door open, it was nap time and I was exhausted, so we skipped the mall and came home.  Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow…:)

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